Take the stress out of planning a birthday party!

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We understand only too well the stress that organising a birthday party for our little ones can cause. So much time is spent trying to find something that hasn’t been done a hundred times before, panicking when they decide they want to invite everybody they know, and trying to work it in with your family budget. Fortunately, we’re here to help with the perfect option!

Escape rooms aren’t just activities for adults. At Can You Escape? we’ve had plenty of mini-agents come along to play, and our Games Masters have all had plenty of experience guiding younger teams through their very first escape! With this in mind, why not consider us for your child’s next big day?

It’s something different

Become the coolest parent, like ever, by suggesting something that not everybody’s already done. Escape rooms are perfect for that tricky age group - too old for the typical party ideas, but not quite old enough to take the organisation into their own hands. Plus, they’ll be having fun whilst using their brains - it’s a win win!

It’s easy to book

It couldn’t be simpler to book our rooms - just head over to our ‘book now’ page for either our Edinburgh or York venue on our website, pick your date and time slot, enter your details, and it’s done! If you’d rather speak to someone first, simply get in touch and one of the team would be happy to help you. We can chat about any questions you might have and process the booking for you, especially if you’d like to book both our rooms at once for larger groups.

We can offer various extras too; you can either print our party invitations yourself or request some copies for a small extra charge. If you’re looking to include some food, although we don’t offer this ourselves, we can certainly arrange a table booking for you with a family friendly bar or restaurant nearby - get in touch to discuss the options, as we can even get you some money off your bill!

We can only have limited numbers

Escape rooms work best with small teams, so there’s only a limited number of people we take into each of our games. This is fantastic news when organising a birthday party - as much as we don’t want to leave people out, having a maximum team size is the perfect excuse to keep numbers under control when drawing up the list of who to invite!

Adults get to have fun too

Our recommendations at Can You Escape? is that agents under the age of 12 would probably benefit from an adult helper going into the room too. However, this is just a guideline and is completely up to the adult in charge. Our Games Masters will always be on hand to give an extra clue whenever needed, and we can also adjust some of our puzzles to suit the age group!

If you do think an adult helper is necessary, don’t despair. As parents, we often like to make sure that birthday parties are as stress-free for the adults as possible, so locking them in a room with a group of excitable young children might not seem like the best idea at first. However, we always find that adult helpers can’t help getting stuck in and end up leaving as happy as the kids!

If you’d like to discuss booking a birthday party in more detail, get in touch!

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