Suitable for: 2 - 10 champions

Difficulty rating: 5 out of 5


Your Mission

The legendary magicians Morgana and Merlin are frozen in their eternal battle in a cave beneath the Kingdom of Avalon.  Every 100 years the stars align, opening a portal to this cave, accessible only by the bravest knights. As the battle wages on, can one side finally triumph? Today is such a day and the hour now approaches!

The powers of Merlin or Morgana are evenly matched and only you can break the tie. Does your team have what it takes to finally bring peace to King Arthur’s land, or will you remain trapped in time for the next century?

Groups of 6 people or more will be split across two identical rooms. Teams of 2 people only available Monday - Thursday. Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod.



can you escape operation odyssey.png

Suitable for: 2 - 6 cadets

Difficulty rating: 4 out of 5


Your Mission

As space cadets on the International Space Station you must race against time to ensure you fix the escape pod before it's too late. Houston received your distress call and has concluded that it was a meteor shower that struck the main ship a short time ago. The escape pod has also been damaged so you must first restore all of the systems before attempting an escape.

Cadets, you need to hurry! The next meteor shower is predicted to strike in an hour so there is no room for error!

Contains some loud sound effects.