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Can You Escape? is an escape room experience, but we're aware that some buddings spies may not know exactly what that means. The concept is simple: you and your fellow team mates will arrive at HQ where you will be presented with a scenario that needs your and your team’s detective skills in order to solve a range of puzzles, clues, and riddles.

You will have your very own Games Master to assist in your mission and brief you on the all-important task ahead before you enter our custom built rooms - and of course they will be always be close by should you need a helping hand!

As the door shuts behind you and the 60 minute count down begins, do you and your team have what it takes to succeed?

Time will tell. Can You Escape?

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Find out more about us

Can You Escape? was founded in 2014 with our first venue in Edinburgh. Since opening, we've grown and added an additional escape room venue in York. In December 2017 we joined the Escape Group and, as part of this, we look forward to opening more venues and new rooms in the future. 

We're also incredibly proud of the team of Games Masters that we've put together who will ensure you have a fantastic time when you visit. Together we've worked incredibly hard to build an organisation that provides a premium escape room experience, that encourages you to immerse yourself throughout your time with us - we'll ensure you remember your experience long after you've left!