Can You Escape? is a fast and fun escape room experience for 2-16 people in Edinburgh. You and your team will be locked in a room and the countdown will begin. Can you beat the clock?



The legendary magicians Morgana and Merlin are frozen in their eternal battle in a cave beneath the Kingdom of Avalon. Does your team have what it takes to finally bring peace to King Arthur’s land, or will you remain trapped in time for the next century?

Teams of 6+ will be split into two identical rooms.

Suitable for: 2 - 10 champions

Difficulty rating: 5 out of 5



The International Space Station has been hit by a devastating meteor impact, knocking out many of the vital systems on board. Does your team have what it takes to repair to escape pod in time to save the crew - and yourselves?

Contains some loud sound effects.

Suitable for: 2 - 6 cadets

Difficulty rating: 4 out of 5





Looking for action, our birthday group of 10 competed against each other in Operation Spellbound. The mission had just the right level of difficulty for a group of beginners. Beautiful, magical rooms hid puzzles that required varied ways of thinking. Brother Abstruse, our all-knowing guide, was hilarious! Truly memorable fun, 10/10, thank you so much. Team Hannah Morgana and Fireball
— November 2018
Had a really great visit to these escape rooms. The member of staff we worked with was fantastic - he explained everything really well and in a humorous way. The room itself was great - I’ve been to a few escape rooms now and this one was my favourite so far! Lots of twists and turns with exciting puzzles to solve. Well done to everyone who worked on this room! Definitely will recommend to others!
— January 2019