Can You Escape? is a fast and fun escape room experience for 2-17 people in York. You and your team will be locked in a room and the countdown will begin. Can you beat the clock?



can you escape lone eagle.png

An embarrassing incident earlier this year left Doctor Aquila Mind red faced. Not taking the incident lightly, he has since been working on a machine that will erase the incident and all other memories from people’s minds. Do you have what it takes to stop him? Teams of 7+ will be split across two identical rooms.

Suitable for: 2 - 12 agents

Difficulty rating: 4 out of 5


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The Force Four superheroes - Torus, Hermes, Oculo, & Badger - have been captured by the mastermind Möbius and there is limited time before they’re gone forever. Gather your own squad and use your powers to see if you’ve got what it takes to save the Force Four and the city of York!

Suitable for: 2 - 5 heroes

Difficulty rating: 5 out of 5




Myself and 3 old friends did the Lone Eagle challenge in York and had a great time. Our agent Dave was very approachable and even managed to instil a bit of enthusiasm into 4 slightly hungover 40odd year olds despite us being a fairly tough audience. We escaped with less than 10 minutes left and the mixture of puzzles was great - very confusing at first but that just added to the challenge and the satisfaction when we started to solve things. I would thoroughly recommend for any size group of friends or family.
— January 2019
Me and 3 friends tackled Operation H.E.R.O this weekend and had an amazing time. Our group had a large range of experience with escape rooms and we found the puzzles to be engaging and took all our wits to solve. I’ve played a fair few rooms and this is the first that doesn’t rely on a single padlock, and the experience is better for it. A big thank you to our Game Host James for his well timed and helpful hints when we needed a push in the right direction. We will absolutely be back to take on their other room!
— October 2018