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What's the aim of the game?

The concept is simple; you're 'locked' in a room where there will be a series of puzzles, brainteasers and riddles that you must use your common sense, teamwork and brainpower to solve. Some of these are harder than others so there should be something for everyone, but none are simple. We don't want to give too much away though or you'll have an unfair advantage - no points for doing your research we're afraid!

How long will I need?

You will be 'locked' in the room for a maximum of 60 minutes but remember, you’re trying to beat the clock. We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before your start time and allow 15 minutes after your session to be debriefed by our agents!

If you arrive earlier, there is a great pub just a few doors down where you can fuel up called the Holyrood 9A.

Is Can You Escape accessible?

Operation Odyssey is wheelchair accessible but unfortunately Operation Spellbound is not as it’s down a flight of stairs. Please note that there are two steps into the building but we have ramps for wheelchair access. Therefore, if you're a wheelchair user please drop us an email or give us a phone prior to your arrival so we can make sure we have an agent on hand to set up the ramps. Due to the space that's available in Operation Odyssey, we can only accommodate one wheelchair user at a time.

For more information on accessibility or if you have any questions, please send an email to You can also take a look at our Euan's Guide profile for more details.

Our scenarios will require you to use your sight, but those who have impaired hearing will still be able to enjoy the experience with the help of their team. Please note that if you use reading glasses we recommend that you bring them along with you as some puzzles will need you to read some small print.

Can I add another agent to my booking?

If there’s enough space in your game and you’d like to add an additional agent(s) to your team, please drop us an email on in advance so we are aware. You can pay the difference on the day (we can accept both card and cash payments at the venue).

Can I bring my family along?

This is a great family activity: in fact, we won a Scotland's Best Family Day Out award in 2015!

The nature of the game means that we can tailor it to the ages of the agents involved; however, as before, we do advise that children under the age of 10 may struggle with some of the puzzles. If you're planning on bringing along some mini-agents with you, please give us a call or drop us an email and we can make sure we tailor the game for your arrival. Please note that we do require an adult to stay in the building if under 16s are playing.

How many?

Operation Odyssey is designed to be played by groups of between 2 and 6 people, and Operation Spellbound can be played with groups of 2 to 10 people. Unfortunately, any more would mean the rooms become too cramped.

I have too many people for one game; what are my options?

If you're part of a bigger group, you can book both Operations Spellbound and Odyssey - simply click Add Another to your basket and choose the two game times that start 30 minutes apart (we'll start them in the middle for you: e.g. 10:30am + 11:00am = 10:45am)

Am I really locked in?

Put simply, no. You will be briefed on the scenario you are taking part in and once you enter the room, the door will be closed behind you. Whilst we encourage you to immerse yourself in the experience, you are free to walk out of the room at any time. We're not that mean.

Do we need to speak English?

Due to the nature of escape rooms, having at least one team member with good English is highly recommended.

How can I pay? Are there any booking fees?

Sessions can be booked online using the form above, which is powered by Stripe. We accept all major credit and debit cards, and we don't add any additional booking fees or surprise you by adding VAT at the checkout. The price shown is the price you pay.

To discuss larger bookings, get in touch using our contact form and we’d be happy to help you out!

What happens if I'm running late?

If you're running late then please phone us as soon as possible on 0131 510 1158 and we can still try to fit you in. However, due to the nature of the game, if you arrive more than half an hour late we will be unable to accommodate your booking. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

How much does it cost?

Our prices vary depending on how many people you’re booking and what day of the week you’re booking. We offer a variety of discount codes, all of which take 20% off your booking price Monday - Thursday (minimum of 3 people):

CYESTUDENT for students
NH3D15C0UNT for NHS employees
AR3Y-D3Al for armed forces employees

You will need to bring along at least one work ID or student card when you arrive for your game. Registered charities can also receive 20% off their bookings - get in touch to discuss this further!

If you are part of a larger group of more than 16 people, please contact us on and we will see what we can do to accommodate your team!