3 Shows You Need to See During The Fringe

Photo by  Luis Mayoral  on  Unsplash

The Edinburgh Fringe is always an incredible time of year, with shows and performances to suit every interest and taste. Having many staff members with theatrical or performing backgrounds, it should perhaps come as no surprise that many of them showcase their talents outside of Games Mastering at the Fringe, and we’ve collected three shows you should definitely check out this year to support their work.

Are we biased? Sure; but we know you’ll love them as much as we do!


The Grandmothers Grimm

Through three fairy tales, a werewolf trial, the adventures of a hedgehog, and a lot of deceit and murder, The Grandmothers Grimm explores how women contributed to - and were erased from - the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale anthology. Written and directed by our incredibly talented Agent Hawthrone (Emily), you’ll also being able to see Agent Abstruse’s (Gerry) acting skills in action.

You can catch the show at 9.15pm at Paradise In The Vault on August 3-17th (not 11th) or you can book living room, garden, or office performances of the show from August 18-21st.


The Silliad: Improvised Myths & Legends

Why do geese fly south for the winter? Why does it always rain on a bank holiday? What's really inside an Oreo? You suggest the question, and watch as the myth of its origin comes to life! From the roaring thunder of Mount Olympus to the frozen tundra of Scandinavia, it's Horrible Histories meets Whose Line is it Anyway? meets Clash of the Titans! If you love improv and want to see our York branch’s Agent Gloo in action, this is not a show to myth!

Running August 2-11th, 12:50pm at Just the Tonic at The Cave.


Apps & Austerity

Will we look back with nostalgia on this era of nostalgia?  2010-2019. What was it all about? Henry Raby, CYE’s very own Agent Goldman, defines the 2010s through sharp performance poetry. From riots to Royal Weddings to Referendums. A decade of technology & austerity summed up in funny & anarchic spoken word. Do Babyboomers actually know what's going on anymore, are Millennials ruining the world, and will Generation Z save it?

Running August 19-24th, 5.45pm at Banshee Labyrinth.  Free, pay-what-you-decide!

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