Team building with a difference!

Photo by  Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

We know how important team building days are. Whether you work in a large office, a small office, a restaurant, a hospital; a happy, healthy team is vital whatever your working environment.

There are plenty of options out there, but choosing the right one can seem like quite the chore when you’re met by the moans and groans of your colleagues, not keen on spending another morning having to think of one interesting fact about themselves and going through the marshmallow and spaghetti challenge for the third time in their working life.

Luckily, we’re here to help. On an almost weekly basis, we have work teams along to take on our challenges, and for good reason! Our games require communication, teamwork, patience, puzzle-solving; to name just a few of the many skills I’m sure you want your team to be using while at work. Plus, there’s not going to be any awkward silences or bored faces on a team building day with us - time will fly by!

Here are four reasons to book your next work day out with us.

There’s something for everyone

A lot of team building activities often focus on one type of task, sometimes allowing that one natural team leader to take the reins with everybody else tagging along. Not only that, but the activities always tend to be the same kind of thing, meaning everyone knows what to expect.

Not so with our games! It’ll be a new, unique experience to the group, and each one uses a wide range of different puzzles, all of which require certain skills to solve. This means that everyone is on equal ground and will have their chance to shine!

It’s easy on the budget

There’s a number of different ways to get a discount on our games - booking off multiple time slots for larger groups will get you 10% off the total price, so there’s no excuse to leave anyone out! Not only that, but as a returning customer you’ll receive 10% off all future booking with us, so if some people can’t make it, don’t worry - book a game for another day and you can all discuss it when you’re back in the office together!

If you work within the NHS, the British Forces, or with a registered charity, you’ll also receive a discount on bookings between Mondays and Thursdays - this could bring the price down to as little as £10 per person! Bargain!

We can turn it into a full day

Do you need a space to discuss tactics before your game, or go through what went well and where you could have improved? We’ve got you covered there too. In Edinburgh, we can organise a meeting space at the fantastic Edinburgh Training and Conference Centre, which is just a minute’s walk away from us. They can accommodate large groups and offer a wide range of different packages on their meeting rooms!

In both our locations, you can take advantage of our fantastic deal with Pizza Express and book yourselves an escape room experience + a meal for just £28 per person! Fancy it? Drop us a message!

Be everyone’s favourite colleague!

Imagine your team’s response when you tell them that they’re getting out of work for the afternoon to play an escape game… make everyone in the office happy with a different, fun experience that’ll stand out from every other team building event they’ve been on!

To discuss a booking at either our Edinburgh or York branch, simply get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help you arrange your day.

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