6 Ways to Spot a Classic Dad

Photo by  Daniel Cheung  on  Unsplash

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

With Father’s Day just around the corner, here at Can You Escape? we’ve been thinking about dads. We get all sorts of dads in our escape rooms, in all kinds of teams: whether it be as part of a laid-back stag do, a family team, or just a group of old school friends meeting up to talk about being dads. Now, it doesn’t take an eagle eye or a superhero’s intelligence to spot a dad, but we’ve noticed there’s a certain kind of dad who visits from time to time – Classic Dad – and there are certain tell-tale signs that are worth knowing. Is your dad a Classic Dad? Read on to find out!

Makes Small Talk Before The Game

While it’s true that some dads can be a tad muted before entering the escape room – an aura of quiet confidence, or tacit determination – Classic Dads are big fans of small talk, asking us if we’ve had a busy day, how long we’ve worked here, and occasionally whether or not the member of staff they’re talking to owns the entire venue, which is a real ego boost! Classic Dads are detail-driven, looking to get into the nitty-gritty of what makes an escape room tick right from the off, even before their time starts ticking down...

Picks A Classic Agent Name

At Can You Escape? we’ll ask you to choose a codename for yourself, themed to the room you’re playing, and for Classic Dads it’s a dream come true. They tend to pick Classic Names, like Agent 007, The Incredible Hulk, or Hannibal. They might even insist on correct walkie-talkie etiquette. In fact, the most Classic of Dads defy our agents’ expectations, dropping their stony exteriors and really getting into the spirit of the game, and that all begins with their codename!

Identifies All The Fittings In The Room

Classic Dads know a thing or two about putting a room together. You’ll never need any tools, utensils, or equipment in our escape rooms – everything you need is in the room itself – but that won’t stop a Classic Dad from identifying all the fixtures and fittings in the room, from dowels to cross-head screws to asking for an allen key. Agent, we may need your help in stopping Classic Dad from taking the whole room apart and leaving it in a neat little pile in the middle. That said, this kind of analytical thinking often results in some of our best times, just as long as they don’t refit our carpets!

“Alright, let’s think about this”

“Four score and seven years ago…” – Abraham Lincoln

“We shall fight them on the beaches…” – Winston Churchill

“Alright, let’s think about this…” – Classic Dad

There are truly memorable words from the long curve of history, but none more so than the Classic Dad phrase, “Alright, let’s think about this.” Watch as the room goes quiet, as the cogs turn, as bearded chins are stroked and not even Mr or Mrs Classic Dad stirs. If you’ve got a Classic Dad on your team, odds are this phrase will come up at least once in the hour and, while we commend the good intentions, and while thinking is an important part of any escape room, it’s a phrase that – when you really think about it – doesn’t actually mean anything...

Offers A Handshake After The Game

If we’ve had our suspicions over the course of the game that we’re dealing with a Classic Dad, there’s one final test. A true Classic Dad offers our Agents a handshake at the conclusion of the game, whatever the outcome. It’s all about fair play for a Classic Dad, and once the transaction is done, win or lose, it’s time to seal the deal with a firm grip. While we appreciate the sense of honour, it can be a bit awkward when running games for up to twelve dads at a time – after all, we’ve only got two hands!

Gets Treated By His Family

But of course, the real mark of a Classic Dad is that his family treats him to something on Father’s Day. Many of the dads we meet have never played an escape room before, but they all come out with a boyish grin on their faces and an urge to get stuck into even more challenges. A Classic Dad loves a good brain-teaser. That’s why, this Father’s Day, we’re offering our customers £10 off their next booking. Struggling to find a good gift, instead of the usual aftershave or DVD? We’ve got you covered. Simply enter the discount code DADROCKS at check-out.

So: is your dad a Classic Dad? We’d love to hear from you. And to all the dads out there, classic or otherwise, have a great Father’s Day!

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