Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Study Break (Edinburgh)


Research suggests that regular study breaks helps the brain to learn more effectively, while puzzle solving is often cited as a good way to keep the brain active.  This surely makes a study break to go and solve puzzles at an escape game practically a requirement for any student wanting to do their best at university.  Get the academic year off to a good start and book Spellbound or Odyssey today, or read on for 3 more reasons why you should play an escape room game this Freshers Week in Edinburgh.

Not Another Freshers Week Pub Crawl

A lot of events in Freshers Week can be centred around pub crawls or clubs.  Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned pub crawl (Edinburgh has a plethora of fantastic bars) but pubs and clubs can be noisy places and not necessarily conducive to being able to hear what your new friends are saying!  With the option of booking games for groups of any size from 2 to 16 players, you can invite your entire flat or hallway, so no one feels left out.

Getting To Know You

You never truly know someone until you play an escape room game with them.  Wondering whether someone would be a good flatmate for next year? Find out if they’re an escape room Dragon or Godzilla before you sign the lease!

Escape The Famous Edinburgh Weather

Arrived in Edinburgh from warmer climes?  Looking for a way to escape the rainy stuff falling from the sky?  Our escape rooms are 100% water-proof.

With both Operation Odyssey and Operation Spellbound open throughout the day, seven days a week, our escape games are easy to fit in between welcome lectures and orientation tours. Plus, you can use the code CYESTUDENT when booking on our website to receive a 20% student discount on Monday-Thursday games - just remember to bring your student card!

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our games very soon.  Before we sign off, we just want to say: welcome to Edinburgh, have a wonderful time, work hard (and remember us when you need a study break!).

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