1. Pick your mission below
2. Choose your preferred date & time, and enter your group size
3. If you're booking a larger group, you'll need to book two or more rooms - simply click “Add Another” and choose the game times that start within 30 minutes of each other (we'll start them in the middle for you: e.g. 10:30am + 11:00am = 10:45am)
4. Enter your details when prompted
5. Prepare yourself for the upcoming challenge!

Please read our T's & C's


Operation H.E.R.O. prices

2 heroes - £45 (£50 Fri-Sun)
3 heroes - £55
4 heroes - £60
5 heroes - £70

Operation Lone Eagle prices

2 spies - £45 (£50 Fri-Sun)
3 spies - £55
4 spies - £60
5 spies - £70
6 spies - £80




What's the aim of the game?

It's a new style of entertainment; you're 'locked' in a room where there will be a series of puzzles, brainteasers and challenges that you must solve using your common sense, working as a team and by thinking outside of the box. Some of these are harder than others, and they all test a different skill, so there is something for everyone but none are complete freebies! We don't want to give too much away though or you'll have an unfair advantage. Good effort for doing your research though!

Is Can You Escape accessible?

Unfortunately, the building we are in is up two fairly steep flights of the stairs, which means that our current venue is not wheelchair accessible.

For visually and hearing impaired people, while there are puzzles that do require people to be able to see and hear, there are still puzzles that everyone can get involved with.

We are also able to simplify the games for younger audiences or for people with learning disabilities. Please let us know in advance if you’d like this to be done, as we need to do a couple of things before you get to the venue!

If you have a questions about the accessibility of the game, please email us We are also happy to arrange people to come and visit the venue and room before visiting to check its suitability.

Can I add another spy to my booking?

If you have four or less agents and want to add an additional agent(s) to your team please drop us an email to in advance so we are aware and pay the difference on the day (we can accept both card and cash payments at the venue).

How long will I need?

You will be 'locked' in the room for a maximum of 60 minutes but remember, you’re trying to beat the clock. We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before your start time and allow 15 minutes after your session to be debriefed by our Agents - in all we recommend putting aside one and a half hours to complete the mission!

There are lots of pubs, bars and cafes nearby on the Micklegate that you grab a drink in, before or after your time with us, so why not make it a great day out!

What happens if I'm late?

If you're running late then please phone us as soon as possible on 01904 230 494 as we can still try to fit you in. However, due to the nature of the game, if you arrive more than half an hour late we will be unable to accommodate your booking. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on how many of you are playing but it starts at £45 for two spies...

  • 2 agents - £45 (£50 Fri-Sun)

  • 3 agents - £55

  • 4 agents - £60

  • 5 agents - £70

  • 6 agents - £80 (in Operation Lone Eagle)

  • 7 agents - £115 (in two Operation Lone Eagle rooms)

  • 8 agents - £120 (in two Operation Lone Eagle rooms)

  • 9 agents - £130 (in two Operation Lone Eagle rooms)

  • 10 agents - £140 (in two Operation Lone Eagle rooms)

How many? How old?

Our missions are carefully designed to be played by groups of between 2 and 5 - 6 people; unfortunately any more would mean the room becomes too cramped and your experience is hampered. However, if you're part of a bigger team then please get in touch as we are able to book three rooms for groups of up to 17 people, and do races back to back.

Whilst we design the game to be as accessible as we can, the nature of the experience means that children under the age of 10 may find some of the puzzles difficult; although we are well aware that there are some clever little spies too so please use your discretion (we've even had a baby agent visit us!). Please note that we do require an adult to stay in the building for groups of under 16s.

Am I really locked in?

Honestly? No. You will be briefed on the mission you're about to embark on and once you enter the room the door will be closed behind you. If there is a lock on the door there will always be a big green button you can press at any time to allow you to leave the room. We're not that mean. We also get a lot of questions relating to claustrophobia - there are no confined spaces.