Can you escape boring Christmas parties?


We can’t quite believe that we’re talking about this already, and for many, it’s still far too early in the year to be thinking about what to buy our parents/kids/partner for Christmas. However, inevitably we’ll be hearing “Jingle Bells” playing in Tesco even earlier than we did in 2017, and the fear will hit.

Why not tick one thing off the list early this year: get your work Christmas night out sorted in advance. While you’re impressing your colleagues by being so organised, go one step further and think outside the box - put together an activity that nobody’s done before, and book an escape room! Of course, we do understand that being locked in a room for 60 minutes with your colleagues might not be everybody’s first choice, but we can guarantee that the time will fly by and any work-related drama will be quickly forgotten about.

Still unsure? Here are 5 reasons to play an escape room with us this Christmas!:

🎄 Teamwork, not small talk

Tired of talking about how cold it is and having to come up with banal topics of conversation during the party to talk about with your co-workers? Not anymore! You will be too busy solving thrilling puzzles and intricate riddles to talk about anything else. It’s a great opportunity to see everybody’s skills shine and bond over a fun and different activity everyone will enjoy!

Plus - you will have a great, fun and engaging conversation after about how the game went that everyone will be invested in. So, if you want to avoid talking about the weather and looking at your coworker’s newborn nephew pictures, book now!

🎄 Festive spirit without the Christmas tackiness

Not feeling festive? Our escape rooms will make you feel like a child again, getting you in the festive spirit and making you forget any stress towards the season. You and your co-workers will be working together for an hour and have a fantastic time; a true Christmas miracle!

Oh, and don’t worry - we won’t be blasting the same old christmas tunes while you play - it’s just not our style. The true spirit of the season is in the air at Can You Escape!

🎄 We take all the extra work off your shoulders

‘Tis the season to be busy: Christmas can be a stressful time having to juggle work with all the present-shopping, Secret Santas, tree decorating and gingerbread-house building! It’s enough work as is - so just give us a call or send us an email and we will make sure everyone has a great time, taking all pressure off your shoulders!

Furthermore, we have great deals with nearby restaurants in both Edinburgh and York so the evening is complete and you don’t have to plan 10 different menus according to your co-worker’s dietary requirements!

🎄 Become the coworker everyone loves

Booking an escape room will make you stand out for your amazing idea, making it a work Christmas party to remember! Not only will you be known as “the host of the best work party ever”, but you will also get to impress everyone you work with by your creative thinking and puzzle-solving skills. (read: “things you can say to impress your teammates”)

It will be good fun and everybody will be forever grateful that you organised something different!

🎄 It’s the perfect excuse if you haven’t gotten around to doing one yet!

It can be the opportunity to play an escape room if you haven’t done one but have been meaning to! And let’s face it - the idea of being locked up for an hour solving puzzles is just so intriguing that everyone will be looking forward to it. A thrilling activity that even the Grinches in the office will enjoy. What are you waiting for? This is your chance to turn a work-related event into something memorable, and cross something off your bucket list!

christmas escape room edinburgh york.gif

If you have any questions at all about making a booking over Christmas, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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