Things You Can Say To Impress Your Teammates

Are you heading along to an escape room soon, but slightly worried you might not be of much assistance? Concerned your friends who have maybe done one before might outshine your efforts? Then fear not, for here is a handy selection of things you can say that will make them think you’re the cleverest person in the world, and most importantly, a worthy addition to the team!

‘I think some of these things might be connected!’

This is a great one to whip out, even if you’re not sure what things might be connected. Everyone will turn around and look at you thinking ‘wow! I think you’re right!’ and praise you like the genius you are. After this, you could consider your job done and just have a little nap somewhere in the room or reply to some emails, but this might make the rest of the experience fairly boring for you.

‘But maybe that’s what they want us to think!’

Good work, there. All your teammates will pause for a second or hour to consider that themselves. IS it what us Games Masters want you to think? You will never know (it is).

‘I believe we might be overthinking this. Perhaps we should.. UNDERTHINK it’

Well, you’ve shown TWICE that you’re a wise cookie here. Not only have you suggested that you are thinking a bit too much into it, you’ve also invited a brand new word! Underthink! What a day it is for you.

‘Maybe the answer was inside us all along!?’

Things just got deep here, agent. This one is almost guaranteed to stop all your teammates in their tracks, as they think about the bigger issues of the day/their life. Only use this one if you’re happy with all your friends just looking off into the distance for a very long time, and maybe calling up their loved ones.

‘I don’t wanna jump the gun here guys, but.. I reckon these padlocks might be part of the game’

This is almost certainly the case. Like, 86% of the time, and establishes that you know the score with one of the aims within the room. They’re very rarely/never just part of the decor. This one is best said whilst stroking your chin.

‘157! 639! 442!’

If you just shout random numbers, you’ll seem like you’re working very hard to come up with the correct solution – it’s just that your mind is working ridiculously faster than those you’re in the room with.

With these phrases, I hope you’re a bit more comfortable entering your escape game experience, and I’m sure you’ll be more helpful than you think you will anyway, but these are available to you if you need a starting point. You big genius, you.