Escape conventional dates this Valentine's Day

Photo by   Ali Morshedlou

Here are four great reasons to try something different this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a relationship, looking for one, or just wanting to have a good time without any romantic stigma.

💞 The fun factor

Most people go on dates because they want to have fun and escape rooms are perhaps the epitome of organised fun for a generation that likes things fast and full-on. It’s one hour where you’re allowed to play out your childhood dream of becoming a spy/astronaut/hero/knight, and make as much mess as you like without having to worry about cleaning it up. For competitive types it gets those endorphins going and gives you the satisfaction of having achieved something, even if you don’t manage to escape from the room - just ask anyone that’s done one. Even if you don’t “click” with a partner, at least you can still have a good time.

💞 The truth factor

What many of us love about working at Can You Escape? is the variety of groups we have coming through our doors: their different personalities, dynamics and approaches to solving each puzzle. You get to see first hand how competitive someone is, how they handle stress, how their brain works, how patient they are, how well they communicate, and a whole lot more besides. Those looking to suss out their date’s personality on this kind of level can do so much more easily in this situation compared to what might be revealed during a conversation in a bar.

💞 The equality factor

What’s especially great about escape rooms for our generation is that stereotypical norms and roles go out the window. Everyone should be able to do everything, and teams succeed on merit alone. In an escape room you can be just two (or more) people on an even playing field facing the same problems. Bossing each other around won’t help you. Letting one person do all the work won’t help you. Knowing your individual strengths, working together as a team, and effective communication will, so if you’re looking for a partner that believes in equality, fairness and working together as a base for a healthy relationship, doing an escape room together can be a great indicator as to your compatibility as equals.

💞 The not-date date factor

For a lot of reasons, many of us are reluctant to use the term “date” when going to spend time with a potential love interest. It conjures up words like commitment, pressure, and expectation, which a lot of us would rather do without unless absolutely necessary - nobody wants their pride damaged by a date that doesn’t go as planned, so if you don’t call it a date, then you don’t need to worry about it. Doing an escape room can be a great way for potential couples to do something fun together without the “date” label (or any of the extra faff that comes with it), leaving the door open to dial up the romanticism/run for the hills afterwards as is most fitting, with minimal awkwardness.

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