National Puzzle Day: Why we love escape rooms

Photo by  Tete a Tete Foto

Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably heard of an ‘escape room’ and you’ve maybe even heard people telling you how great they are? Well, that’s because it’s true, they are great, but what is it that makes people love them so much? Here’s some of our theories!

🧩 They give you a chance to show off your skills

Ever watched Crystal Maze and shouted “I could do that!” at the TV? Escape rooms are great opportunities to put that to the test. Not only do you get the personal satisfaction of using your brilliant skill and intellect, but you can shout it out to the room so everyone else knows it too. What greater gratification than proving your worth to a group of mates or your co-workers?  

🧩 It’s the ultimate form of escapism… literally

Most of us like to read a book, watch a movie, or play a video game to take our minds off the world around us for a little while. Arguably, escape rooms are the ultimate way to do that. Not only do you get out of the house for a little while, you get to completely immerse yourself into a different world. There’s no thinking about the ironing you should have done or the essay you’ve not started yet. Instead, you are a secret agent determined to stop the mad scientist, Dr Aquila Mind, from wiping everyone's memories; or a champion of Avalon tasked with helping Morgana defeat that do-gooder, Merlin!

🧩 Solving a puzzle is one of the most satisfactory feelings ever

You know that feeling of accomplishment when you finish a task that needed to get done, like handing in an essay or crossing everything off your to-do list? This is the feeling you get every time you solve a puzzle in an escape room. With plenty of “ah-ha!” moments, some unexpected plot twists, and the adrenaline rush as you complete challenges, escape rooms will have you hooked in no time!

🧩 You get to be the main character of the story

Have you ever wished your life was a movie? Or have you dreamt of being the coolest main character of your favourite action-packed video game? Well, you can live that dream at Can You Escape! Our escape rooms provide an immersive environment that allow you to take on a new personality if you so wish; if not, you still get to be your own badass self in an equally badass environment.

🧩 Get to know your friends, co-workers, family, partner - and yourself!

The clock is ticking and you have a mission to accomplish. During the journey, you may discover personality traits you never imagined your aunt, boyfriend, or best friend could have! You might even surprise yourself. In that moment, everything that matters is solving these puzzles, and the future of humanity depends on you - and this will make your friends show their true colours!

If you are an enthusiast, you have probably experienced these phenomenons. If not, why not come and see for yourself?!

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